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Employee Benefits

Today's competitive environment has given rise to dynamic changes in employee and employer relationships. The benefit package is often the determining factor for prospects in selecting an employer and one of the major reasons for employee satisfaction and retention... LCG has successfully implemented employee benefit packages for public and private sector clients and organizations in the profit and not-for-profit arena. 

As a strategic partner, LCG guides the employer through the benefit maze, assisting them in determining employee desires through surveys or focus groups. Benefit costs are a major part of any organization's budget and LCG designs programs that suit the company's current and future needs through economy of scale, plan design and cost-sharing arrangements. Their knowledge of vendors and carrier performance is key in selecting the right plan and program to fit the various companies' needs. 

With the changes in Social Security and the demise of the Defined Contribution Plan, company retirement plans are an integral part of any benefit program. LSG helps the employer select the correct retirement plan for the organization. These plans range from SEP plans, 401-K plans, 403b plans, 401K plans with Profit Sharing and 401(k) plans with Profit Sharing and Cash Balance options. LCG evaluates vendors based on performance, fees, employee and employer communication tools, ease of administration and plan enrollment. 

LCG is also keenly aware of the importance of the executive to the success in any organization. As a result, LCG partners with you to design and select executive fringe benefits to promote the stability and growth of your organization. 

The two most important aspects of the benefit package are Communication and Compliance. As part of the implementation of any benefit package LSG conducts employee orientation and open enrollments. We offer one-on-one consultations or workshops when requested. We maintain an on-going partnership with the designated staff to keep them well informed about the products they manage and the legislative mandates and regulations that affect them. This extends to making sure that the employer has the resources to fulfill the regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities which have become increasingly more important.. 


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